SteelSeries E-Commerce

Improving the customer journey by making our products easier to find, understand, and purchase. Goals

At SteelSeries my role runs the spectrum from solving UX problems to front end engineering. All of that work is aimed at improving our shopping experience for our users while keeping our KPI's in mind. My goals for 2017 were:

  • Help our users more easily find and purchase the product they want.
  • Develop new features for bundling popular accessories and discovering similiar products.
  • Create a system of design components we could re-use for consistency within our CMS.
  • Ensure our changes were improving conversions and providing a better experience for our users through A/B tests and user testing.

Our previous add to cart section was doing a poor job of explaining our products to our users. For the redesign/refactor of this area, there were a few features I knew we absolutely needed. An ability to demonstrate the product both with lifestyle images and renders, a concise list of features, and the ability to find similiar products or bundle add-on accessories.

With a slew of new products launching across 2017, I needed to be lean with our UX and development process. User testing sessions and our A/B testing tool were critical for validating my hypotheses. In order to keep our product page process both sustainable and flexible, the development team and I built our design components into our CMS so we could reuse them across all product categories.

Category pages are one of the most common entry points for our users. The ability for our users to find, sort, and understand the difference between products is critical. In order to help accomplish this, I introduced conventional filtering options and revisited our product tiles. Built on flexbox, I created a new flexible tile system within our CMS. This system lets our staff create tiles for products, marketing pages, and promotions with ease. Visit The Site